• Princeton University Neuroscience Building

    D&B Engineering designed a solution that was able to meet very strict fan efficiency and sound requirements in this state-of-the-art building. D&B designed and configured units incorporating all of the university's sound, performance, and laboratory requirements. These units include exceptionally efficient multiple fan arrays, 4" perforated sound walls, integral and bypass steam coils, energy recovery wheels, energy recovery coils, and double-jacketed humidifiers.View More

  • Colgate Palmolive

    D&B provided magnetic-bearing water-cooled chillers, condenser water pumps, and variable frequency drives to replace Colgate-Palmolive’s outdated, energy consuming HVAC equipment. Colgate-Palmolive’s annual energy savings totaled $283,898 and D&B assisted them in receiving a $224,526 incentive from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program.View More

  • Immaculate Heart Academy

    Immaculate Heart Academy is a prominent all girls private school in Washington Township, NJ.

    The boiler plant in the school dated back to the 1950’s with one of the boilers completely inoperable thereby leaving the school limping along on the remaining boiler which had no back-up. This condition persisted through the 2011 -2012 winter season
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  • Mack Cali

    D&B Engineering provided replacement equipment that met the very tight roof space restrictions. We were able to utilize McQuay Skyline “variable aspect ratio” rooftop units with custom duct opening to fit and eliminate the need for costly adapter curbs, roof steel, or duct transitions.
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  • Exchange Place

    D&B Engineering supplied energy-efficient Daikin HVAC equipment into multiple floors in the prestigious, 30-floor structure that is 10 Exchange Place, in Jersey City, New Jersey. Dakin Self-Contained Air Conditioning units were chosen for their design flexibility, durable construction, and quiet operation, as well as low installation and operating costs.
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The general contractor (GC) carries the weight of the project, from the bid and selection process through construction and warranty. Our team works individually with each GC to assure they perform, and we help ensure profitability on the job. We strive to make you look good. We want to help cement your relationship with the building owners and become their preferred GC for future projects.

The mechanical contractor is ultimately responsible for pleasing the general contractor while relying on distributors and manufacturers to deliver on time and within budget. It’s a lot of pressure, considering such responsibilities are often out of the control of the mechanical contractor. Our expert team at D&B understands the frustration and cost associated with delayed or unavailable equipment. We know the challenge you face with logistical difficulties, ensuring delivery times coincide with crane availability, labor coordination, and other factors.

Growth is equally as important. As a contractor, you strive to be the best by building your knowledge base, and remaining lean and competitive. Our broad range of HVAC equipment helps you to tailor products to specific needs, at the right price point. We don’t just supply equipment; we know our products inside and out. We are dedicated to making it work for you. We offer on-site training for every piece of equipment, so we can keep you up to date on any manufacturers’ changes. Let us help you close the deal.

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