• Princeton University Neuroscience Building

    D&B Engineering designed a solution that was able to meet very strict fan efficiency and sound requirements in this state-of-the-art building. D&B designed and configured units incorporating all of the university's sound, performance, and laboratory requirements. These units include exceptionally efficient multiple fan arrays, 4" perforated sound walls, integral and bypass steam coils, energy recovery wheels, energy recovery coils, and double-jacketed humidifiers.View More

  • Colgate Palmolive

    D&B provided magnetic-bearing water-cooled chillers, condenser water pumps, and variable frequency drives to replace Colgate-Palmolive’s outdated, energy consuming HVAC equipment. Colgate-Palmolive’s annual energy savings totaled $283,898 and D&B assisted them in receiving a $224,526 incentive from New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program.View More

  • Immaculate Heart Academy

    Immaculate Heart Academy is a prominent all girls private school in Washington Township, NJ.

    The boiler plant in the school dated back to the 1950’s with one of the boilers completely inoperable thereby leaving the school limping along on the remaining boiler which had no back-up. This condition persisted through the 2011 -2012 winter season
    View More

  • Mack Cali

    D&B Engineering provided replacement equipment that met the very tight roof space restrictions. We were able to utilize McQuay Skyline “variable aspect ratio” rooftop units with custom duct opening to fit and eliminate the need for costly adapter curbs, roof steel, or duct transitions.
    View More

  • Exchange Place

    D&B Engineering supplied energy-efficient Daikin HVAC equipment into multiple floors in the prestigious, 30-floor structure that is 10 Exchange Place, in Jersey City, New Jersey. Dakin Self-Contained Air Conditioning units were chosen for their design flexibility, durable construction, and quiet operation, as well as low installation and operating costs.
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Marketing News

Daikin Learning Institute

D&B Engineering to Represent TMI Climate Solutions


For Immediate Release

Bloomfield, NJ (April 2, 2015) - D&B Engineering, a leading supplier of commercial and industrial HVAC solutions for over 40 years, has announced that they will be the exclusive Manufacturer’s Representative for TMI Climate Solutions in the Northern NJ and Rockland County, NY territories. TMI, based in Holly, Michigan, has manufactured highly customized air handling systems since 1982.

This representation agreement will provide D&B’s customer base with innovative, high-value air handling and hydronic products, incorporating cutting-edge performance features:
  • Air handling units
    • EC Blue Technology
    • EZY Fit™ Knock Down Construction
    • Fan Array™ design
    • Kool C.A.T.™ VAV technology
  • Advance Hydronics and Refrigeration
    • Modular central, chiller and boiler plants
    • Pumping systems
    • Custom DX Refrigeration
    • Custom Air Cooled Chillers
    • Modular Heat Transfer Systems
    • Modular Pumping Systems
The new D&B and TMI sales partnership will also expand the range of market solutions available, due to the combined teams of highly trained engineers who understand the need to design and develop creative solutions while maintaining industry standards. From concept through manufacturing, TMI systems are tailored to promote optimal efficiencies and sustainability for our customers. Each system is designed to optimize energy savings, space savings, cost containment, redundancy and interchangeability while reducing noise, leakage and maintenance. In addition, custom-designed on-site assembly allows customers more flexibility to install systems where other vendors can’t.

TMI is a subsidiary of MiTek, Inc. (a Berkshire Hathaway company), the world’s leading supplier of state-of-the art engineered connector products, equipment, software and services for the building components industry. 

To:  All Product Representatives   
From:  Robin Breth, Manager, Professional Sales & Development Training  
Date:  October 23, 2014 
Announcing the Class of 2014 GET Graduates
On Wednesday, October 15, 2014, twenty-two sales and sales support staff professionals completed the Daikin Applied Graduate Engineer Training (GET) program by completing their final presentations.


Left to right; Row 1 (front): Kim Benson (Staff), Paula Hurtado, Taylin Dean, Lindsay Nguyen, Cam McLeod, Harry D. Singjahaya, Ignasius Ferdy Sutiawan
Row 2: Karli Brittain, Devin Crow, Luke Turnbull, Kolby Golden, Hunter Wilson, Chris King, Eric Davies, Bo Osborn, Robin Breth (Manager)
Row 3: Rick Hermans (Instructor), Steve Mawhinney, Joshua Petry, Will Ward, Jeff Foss, Graeme Harris,
 Josh Vermillion, Greg Mylen, Ismael Garza

These individuals completed fourteen and a half weeks of intense fundamental and product instruction, hands-on workshops, field trips, Sales and Presentation training, and competitive project simulations to complete the necessary requirements to graduate from this program. Congratulations to each of these individuals for their achievement!

Continue reading to see who the valedictorian is and what teams competed and won the Sales Scrimmage!   Lastly, begin planning for 2015 GET!

We are pleased to announce the GET 2014 class valedictorian: 

Mr. Steve Mawhinney, D&B Engineering, Bloomfield, NJ.             


D&B Engineering Announces Exclusive Representation Agreement with Islandaire
Expands Product Offerings with Full Line of PTAC’s and Water Source Heat Pumps

July 9, 2014

D&B Engineering is now the exclusive New Jersey representative for Islandaire, the fastest growing specialty air conditioning and heating manufacturer in the country. Islandaire builds a full complement of high quality thru-the-wall air conditioners and heat pumps, water source heat pumps, and gas units, for both new installations and replacement / retrofits. Each unit is designed with an emphasis on quiet and efficient operation, and is backed by a full factory service warranty.

With this product line, D&B can offer flexible solutions for new construction and retrofit replacement in hotels and motels, health care facilities, dormitories, condominiums, military housing and other specialized applications.

“Because of its long history of serving the needs of contractors, engineers and building owners in the New Jersey commercial HVAC market, D&B understands the unique needs of the industry,” said Jeff Barat, Partner at D&B Engineering. “For certain new and replacement situations, PTAC’s are the logical choice for a reliable, cost-efficient and low-maintenance solution. Our research and past experience identified Islandaire as our first choice for providing these solutions to our customers. Their quality, reliability and responsiveness are second to none.”

Engineering design features of Islandaire’s PTAC line include commercial duty construction for durability, rifled and enhanced refrigeration coils for superior heat transfer, custom enclosures and an aesthetically pleasing cabinet design. Over 45 different models are available to provide direct replacement options for all major OEM suppliers. In addition, options include hydronic coils and valves, front panels, control boxes, discharge grills, remote thermostats, duct kit assemblies and the “Dr. PTAC” option for 100% conditioned fresh air.

For more information, please contact John O’Krinsky at jokrinsky@dbnjparts.com or (973) 429-2900.

About D&B Engineering

Based in Bloomfield, NJ, D&B Engineering of New Jersey, Inc. has been the leading supplier of commercial and industrial HVAC solutions to the NJ market for over 40 years. D&B represents industry-leading brands including Daikin, Lennox, Fulton, Islandaire and Tecogen.

Together with its affiliates, D&B Parts and D&B Services, D&B Engineering provides a full complement of HVAC solutions, from packaged systems and related parts and supplies, to system design and project management.

For more information, please visit www.dbnj.com or www.dbnjparts.com.

January 31, 2014 | (edited for content)

Windows XP End of Support: 5 Steps to Take to Protect Your Business

By Nelson Gomes and Jason Romer

On Apr. 8, 2014, support and updates for Windows XP will no longer be available from or provided by Microsoft. While your business will still be able to use computers with Windows XP as their operating system, doing such would be a mistake. Without Microsoft's support, these workstations are more vulnerable to security risks.

With April 8 right around the corner, here are the steps your business should take to address this serious security concern.

1. Identify XP machines. The first step to take is to determine whether this is an issue that even applies to your business. Task your designated IT person with running a report to identify which workstations in use in your business are on the Windows XP operating system. If even just one machine uses XP, you will need to upgrade its operating system.

2. Analyze hardware. Before you can upgrade the operating system, you will need to determine whether the computer is capable of running a new operating system, such as Windows 7 or 8. Ask your designated IT person to assess the workstation's hardware resources, noting any technology in the machine that may present an obstacle to running a new system.

3. Determine whether to upgrade or replace the computer. If the workstation is capable of handling a newer operating system effectively, you can pay for the system license upgrade plus the fee to configure the computer for its use and continue to use the machine.

But if the workstation does not meet the new operating system's hardware requirements, you have a decision to make: invest in new hardware to bring the computer up to the new operating systems specifications or purchase a new machine. In many cases, the cost of upgrading an older machine's hardware and purchasing the new license will exceed the cost — and practicality — of purchasing a new workstation with a new operating system installed.

4. Plan the transition. Switching computers over from XP to a new operating system is no easy process. It takes time to upgrade existing systems and purchase new workstations, and time to configure the systems to work properly in your practice. Your staff may also require training on how to properly and effectively use the new operating system. Take all of these factors into consideration as you lay out your business plan and strategy to upgrade without causing a significant interruption in your operations.

Note: A component of this plan should include identification of which operating system you will upgrade to: either Windows 7 or Windows 8. While it may seem logical to upgrade to the newest operating system, that isn't necessarily the case. There is a steep learning curve with Windows 8 as the operating system is a complete revamp of Windows (e.g., there is no start button, there are apps instead of desktop applications and countless other little changes) that may confuse users, especially those who are not technically savvy. In addition, while Windows 8 touts its compatibility with Windows 7 applications, most IT vendors have already seen their fair share of issues arising from the way the new operating system handles applications. Work with your designated IT representative to identify the best operating system for your needs.

5. Proceed with the upgrade. With a plan in place, make the switch to the new operating system.

Note: Many businesses run legacy applications that need to be checked for compliancy with Windows 7. Windows 7 runs on a different core technology than Windows XP, and therefore there are incompatibilities that must be fleshed out before these applications can be properly installed on Windows 7. Oftentimes the developer of the non-compliant software can be contacted for an upgrade (usually at an additional cost) that will allow the software to run properly on Windows 7.

Jason Romer is enterprise account executive for PriorityOne Group, a New Jersey-based IT consulting firm.

September 4, 2013

To: Daikin McQuay Customers

Subject: Transition to Daikin Brand and Company Name

Since 2006, when Daikin purchased McQuay International, we have been incorporating many of the attributes and innovations that have made Daikin the #1 HVAC manufacturer in the world.  We have developed industry leading products that provide among the highest efficiency and lowest operating cost in their class. These products include our Magnitude magnetic bearing chillers, Pathfinder air cooled chillers, Rebel Rooftop Units and SmartSource WSHP.  Daikin’s technology and market leading quality and innovation are positioning Daikin McQuay to be the #1 HVAC applied manufacturer in the Americas market.

In 2011 we started using the Daikin McQuay brand to represent the integration of Daikin technology into McQuay International solutions. We are pleased to announce that as of October 1, 2013, we will complete that transition and start using the Daikin brand for all our products and services as well as using Daikin in our new company name.

For you, this represents a positive transition. We will continue developing industry leading applied products with the existing engineering teams and in the Daikin North American manufacturing locations we currently use. We will continue to provide aftermarket service and parts for all of our McQuay and Daikin McQuay products in order to maximize your continued operations.

As part of the transition, we are also changing our legal name and our “Doing Business As – DBA” names. These new names are not effective now and cannot be used until October 1, 2013.

Effective October 1, 2013

Current Legal Name

New Legal Name

AAF-McQuay Inc.

Daikin Applied Americas Inc.

Current “DBA” Names

New “DBA” Name

Daikin McQuay




Daikin Applied

Daikin McQuay Georgia

Daikin McQuay New York

Daikin McQuay Solution Plaza

Daikin McQuay South Florida

Daikin McQuay Alabama

McQuay International

McQuay Factory Service

McQuay Service

This is a very exciting and important change for our company. Completing the transition of our brand and company name to Daikin will help us achieve our goals in the Americas with continuous focus on investments in talent, technology and creating long term relationships with our customers.

Thank you for your support.

Yours truly,

 Martin Sierra

Vice President Strategic Marketing

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